Toppers, Meals & Pup Pies

Without laws or restrictions on safe ingredients for dog food, and with a dog who was refusing to eat any dog food, we embarked on a quest. After searching for healthy prepared foods and finding none that met our criteria for human consumption and taste, and testing our own recipes, we created a winning recipe that our pup and friends' pups love every time. Our pup food uses only top quality, healthy, human worthy ingredients and preparation.. If your pup is fussy, needs soft food to recover from surgery, needs to recover from allergies or health conditions induced by the unhealthy foods permitted by stores here... contact us to arrange for a free sample and/or trial diet.
Let us help you restore your pup to health.


Ingredients: beef, lentil, carrot, potato, rice, spinach, cheese, salt, spices.
Completely natural and human grade food. Free from: preservatives, colour, artificial flavours.


Ingredients: chicken, lentil, carrot, potato, rice, spinach, cheese, salt, spices. 
Completely natural and human grade food. Free from: preservatives, colour, artificial flavours.

We struggled finding healthy dog food and began finding a healthy, tasty, cost effective fresh/frozen food. We developed a recipe that our pup loves and thrives on. We are making samples to see if this is something others are interested in too. The price is comparable to the leading dried kibble. You can choose from fresh or frozen toppers, supplemental meals while restoring health, pup pies as snacks or daily meals. Doggy day cares see clients bring a supply of pills with their pups. It is common for people in this country to buy pet insurance. That is not the standard. While we solve the problem and review the types of ingredients used in most pet food here, lets start with proper nutrition that is affordable. We try to eat healthy and nutritious meals, so we should  do the same for the whole family. That is the love and thought that goes into our pet food too.

When we first began the journey to get our pup healthy, we had to start cooking for her.. She reacted to all kibble and she was hesitant and didn't even like what we first made unless it was 100% meat. We were paying up to $8 a day for months and became motivated to create a recipe she loved, researching nutrition and experimenting with foods.
We created recipes she loves and figured out how to make it affordable too. 
Friends told us they pay 100 per month for their dried food and we are where we can charge about that for fresh/frozen. We are currently checking to see that other dogs love it too. Please send us a message for a free sample.