Welcome to Our Upcoming Workshops!

Have you written a song that you would like to share in a smaller & encouraging setting?
Please join us in a small, safe space and bring your guitar, ukulele, keyboards, lyrics and encouragement and look forward to a few moments of listening, singing and sharing.

Have you always written songs? Have you ever wanted to learn write a song or improve a song? We are planning a full day workshop with a pro songwriter, lunch & refreshments so please send a note to share your interest and be kept in the loop when the date is released.

Have you been privileged to spot unique moments of your family, your town or of wildlife and hope to learn how to better represent and share those moments? Have you enjoyed composing or snapping photos and wanted a little more knowledge on technique such as composing or how to choose equipment for your subject?
Join our walkabouts or sit down sessions. Details to follow and please send us a note to be included in our mailing list to receive a note when we book our next sessions. Sessions are being planned for portrait planning, tricks to instantly improve your photos, choosing and mastering your equipment and we are open to your ideas. 

Join us on site for a free photo to use on social media, to build your brand or in business and social communications. Contact us to join our mailing list and we'll let you know the next time we offer a free photo day. 

Is photography a part of your business? Would you like a session to improve on site photography? Custom and small group sessions for your team are also available.