Old Sailor's Warning

Red Dawn This Morning.. (by Christine Songwriter/CBP 2021) 

There’s a red dawn this morning, an old sailor’s warning

Like a train drawing in.



We’re brave, sometimes afraid 

He gave us a reason for faith

Hide or stand,  hold God’s hand

He won’t bow down to the grave

Tell doubt, get out, go away (x2)


They stole away my patience, for their stories and tales

That knocked the wind from their sails

If only for a moment,  they said what were true

Lift up oh ye gates, let love through

Let love through



We’ve run out of answers, run out of dreams

Everyone’s free at the seas

Surrounded and weary, no hope that I see

We’ll watch as God sets us free


Though I stand silent, driven to sea

I turn my back, to what turns me

I face the salt air,  & stretch weary hands

We will be crossing dry land


I love that I posted this Dec 15, 2021..
I felt something had to happen.. a rescue had to come.
Things certainly stirred up about a month later.
None like war but we honour the liberators.