NCS: One Song Challenge


Nashville Christian Songwriters held another One Song Challenge this week.
I spent a good portion of the week writing and rewriting the latest tune running through my head. Now I might be able to get back to packing. 
This song has drastically changed over the past few days as I apply the overview principles. 
I tried to emulate here... so I picked up a Daigle song and applied her chords to my song and realized I couldn't sound anything like I strive to, with the tone of chord progressions I was using... that revelation was a game changer. Then I switched to Cain. It has been a wonderful learning process.
My favourite part of this process was when someone in my house asked where Jesus was in the first version. I scrapped the song and began the rewrite with 'Dear Jesus'..
I love this process.. pouring hours over a few words..
but after it all, I don't mind improving my process using other songs but 
there's nothing like watching for God's input in everything around...
hearing Him in a preacher, a friend's testimony, while driving and a tune comes...
that will always be better than trying to be a copy of a beautiful teacher.  

Ready - CBP -Feb 3 2023

A*  Gm       You are the reason I hope Lord

D*  A*        You light the fragments of home 

F   Gm         So I’ll be ready with you, (Lord) I 

D*    A*        will give you as the reason why

A*  Gm Get ready, Get ready

D*  F Are you ready, for me? 

                   Gm F   Eb      A*                  D*   

                   I’m getting ready, to share the reason why

                   Gm F   Eb      A*              D*   

                   When comes darkness, we’ll light the season for I’ll

A* D* A*      Be ready, with you


A*  Gm     Guard my heart so I will speak no evil

D*  A*    For I’ve no answer on my own

F  Gm     I stand in awe of you, curious, careful

D    F So I am nourished to the bone



SHIFT to high 

Gm  D* You swept by my ear when I spoke your name 

A* F Your name means you are here with us

Gm  D You healed me then and to this day

F  A You are The King of Kings Jesus


A*  Gm      I think of where I might have let you down 

D*  A*    Yet You still light/find my crown

F  Gm      You said walk with me

D    F So Now this storm can see


Be ready
With the Rea
-son for your hope
in Jesus

The First Version (before The Rewrite)

Be Ready - CBP - Jan 13, 2023

Sister little, what did he say,

Of you Irish flight to someday

When pigs have wings,  jokers say

But what a prophet he was

Get ready, Be ready


Dublin had a pig with wings

There In a pub you said, my sister sings

I wasn’t ready, but that’s what brings 

The moments we change

Get ready, Be ready


Moments flee, with moments left

If we learn, there’s no regret

Another way, another day 

In all these moments, we gain


Get ready, Be ready


Remember why I have this hope  Inside

I know His Name Is beautiful 

So I’ll   Get ready, Be ready


I’ll give more reason for this hope

Even broken, I am whole

Fragments of the long way home

He’s all I need to know

Get ready, Be ready

When I think I know my way

He’s my only hope and stay

If I pursue another weight 

He lifts me out of my state