Video Call Tips

To Do..

-Place a bright light in front of you (not behind you).


-Place the video camera/phone at eye level if possible.
(Use books or a shelf to raise the level of the camera on your phone/pc to eye level).
-Mute audio when joining the call and when not speaking.
-Frame your face in the centre of the image,
leaving a few inches of space above your head, and below your shoulders. 

Or not to do..

-Don't speak into the microphone as if it were a phone call.;
you should set and test audio from a comfortable distance.
(Don't set the phone/camera too low or close, to avoid nostril shots).
-Try not to sit with a bright light source behind you, such as a window. (I tend to do this anyway with closed curtains- its my favourite backdrop wall).
-Avoid using natural light as your sole source of lighting, as time of day shifts/affects the picture.



Feel free to contact me in advance of the call to schedule a quick test of audio/video/setup.
(We can also take a photo with the couple as the background).

You can also pre-test your settings at the following Zoom link: