April 22 2020 - Obscura


They rolled out these lights across the world that have a delay in starting or warming up.
I grew up with light bulbs that lit immediately. In the beginning, when God said let there be light, there was light, in the past tense, immediately as it was said, not after a delay as these lights would have some believe. It might lead some to believe that there was always a delay in prayer or heaven’s response. There is a new open heaven where I have noticed no delay in heaven’s response. Before I even pray and barely have an opportunity to think thank you God responds without delay. That is as it was in the beginning, and I suspect we usually just don’t even have an opportunity to know what was done for us at all. Thank you Lord Jesus. When I heard the term of open heaven used recently I didn’t want to leave heaven without defence but that is so funny. Darkness can’t invade light and has been kicked out of God’s dwelling a long time ago. The shrouding is an attempt to choke out the light we receive here. The clouds hide the sun but we know the sun still shines. So when God clears the smog, the clouds, the darkness and makes an opening, heaven’s response is immediate. A few months ago, while praying for my aunt, with eyes closed, I glimpsed an opening to blue sky through a swirl of darkness that tried to obscure the sky. I saw dark creatures’ heads trying to poke and hide the opening. I thought it was about her and spoke out in prayer to clear the way for her. Recently I understood it was about an open heaven for us, as I heard someone say that God was sending an open heaven and darkness tried to distract us from that with a huge assault.
Be blessed.