One of my favourite mugz has been "Shhh, my brain is healing" for a loved one recovering from a severe concussion. She said she enjoyed my "MugWorks" and encouraged me to make them available online. I loved the name and the idea sits ready on the shelf. was available and has remained my favourite site name for all things creative that we do, especially photography! Some of my ArtWorks are here too.
Feel free to send us a note if you would be interested in a personalized mug.


After the Storm

I've often noticed a white feather after I have weathered a difficult time. I feel that it is a reminder that the battle is the Lord's. My part is so small, it usually consists of finding faith and peace as the storm rages, be it in the weather, the world or my thoughts. The feather usually reminds me how much more was fought by heaven on my behalf.