The Fight for Our Freedom

We went out to meet the ones who are big enough to speak up. We may or may not have shed tears. They came for each friend who cannot speak up yet. "Whom shall I send?"
Now I feel it is in God's hands.
Truckers, supporters, protesters, visitors and I, suffered two years of harassment and harm due to political provocation and even lies about what was legal. When residents downtown reported receiving the same treatment over two weeks, by auxiliary protesters, the supporters were beaten to force departure, regardless of the legal right to stay confirmed in court. The size of the response was not anticipated by anyone. Though millions disagree with what has been imposed, the injured are twice injured by the removal of work/access and by the brutal force used to extort the legal visitors to leave.
I want to despair but I am reminded to trust that this is a time to pour love into our nation during this momentary peace. Some people remain terrorized by media and govt. We all need to ask ourselves what is in us to allow this. 

Christine @ Mugz

Did You Dance With the Angels?

Visit those who said
"If you stand with us, we stand for you.
If you don't stand with us, we stand for you."